Question for you...

What if you could easily start manifesting the weight loss you desire in just a few weeks?


Finally being able to open your closet and pick out any outfit because they all fit you perfectly.

Experiencing the pure joy and freedom of being a size and shape that feels amazing and aligned to you!

Being able to let go and enjoy food because you know exactly what your body needs and when.

To embody your most vibrant and magnetic self.

Think I'm crazy? Take a look at this 👇🏽

Here’s the problem…

You believe in the power of manifestation to help you lose weight.

But you’re constantly caught in the trap of thinking the answer to your problem is to:

Eat less

Exercise more

Try the latest fad diet 

But the issue with this is, if you don’t address your energy and vibration around your weight loss goals, another diet isn’t going to work.

(In fact, it's one of the reasons 95% of all diets fail!)

How do I know?

Because I've been there...

Even though I’ve always had a slender frame, if we rewind 10 years ago my life was very different.

 I carried more weight (I was a couple of dress sizes bigger) I was always bloated in the face, I had no energy, terrible digestion issues, and I was addicted to sugar (I would eat a huge packet of lollies every single day!).

To make matters worse I knew eating too much sugar was “bad” for me, and that I really should exercise but I just kept slipping into the same pattern of eating too much sugar, drinking too much wine and drowning out my emotions with food and TV.

In the end it wasn’t a specific diet or health regime that helped.

It was manifestation.

As a result of using manifestation


Lost weight, healed from sugar addiction, improved my digestion, health and energy levels, started sleeping deeply, exercising, meditating, and even up-levelled aspects of my physical appearance like my hair, skin and nails!

And I did so in a way that felt EASY and ALIGNED


Manifesting Weight Loss

A transformational program that teaches you how to manifest weight loss and changes to your physical appearance (without dieting or depriving yourself!).

Here's a look at what's inside the course...

Module 1: The New You

Get crystal clear on the new version of you that you desire to manifest and all aspects of the new life you’re calling-in.

In this module you will learn:

How to uncover the core desired emotions hiding underneath your weight loss goals so that you can instantly start manifesting with more EASE (hint it's not just about being skinny!).

Advanced techniques for anchoring you to manifest specific physical changes (beyond just weight loss), like improving your hair, skin and nails!

✓ The secrets to creating a physical transformation vision board that will (not only) help anchor you to your weight loss goals but inspire you to take action daily.

Module 2: Intuitive Living

It’s one thing to know you need to act on your intuitive impulses when manifesting, and it's another to practice it. 

In this module you will learn:

The 3 pillars of intuitive living (Clarity, Support and Action) and how to apply them in your daily life so you can 👇🏽

Get crystal clear on what your intuition is guiding you to do so you can manifest with ease and speed without the hustle!

Set yourself up for success by energetically preparing the way so you won't slip back into old patterns.

Propel yourself into action in a way that makes weight loss feel easy and fun (rather than forced) so you can create enough momentum to see SHIFTS appear quickly!

Module 3: Body Love

Release self-judgement, and fall in love with yourself - just the way you are! This is key, and the foundation for manifesting weight loss for good because you take your thoughts and energy with you wherever you go!

In this module you will learn:

How negative emotions are keeping you stuck and spinning in your wheels when it comes to achieving your current weight loss goals.

How to identify and heal from specific past experiences that are causing those emotions so you can free up space to manifest the new you!

✓ A powerful transformational healing process you can continue to use every time you want to go to a deeper level and manifest even more positive changes.

Module 4: Embodying The New You

Magnetise your new appearance through powerful visualisation practices that allow you to access your future self and imprint that new version into your current reality. 

In this module you will learn:

How to access the new version of you and embody that energy on a daily basis so you can begin to speed up the manifesting process. 

How to overcome self-sabotaging behavior so you can avoid slipping back into old patterns and behaviors with food that are keeping you trapped. 

A powerful breathwork exercise you can use to quickly bring yourself back into alignment and anchored to your ideal appearance anytime you feel yourself being overrun with negative emotions. 

Ready to manifest the weight loss you desire?

Enroll today and receive:

Module 1: The New You

Get crystal clear on the new version of you that you desire to manifest and all aspects of the new life you’re calling-in. Includes over 50 minutes of advanced video training’s and a beautifully designed workbook.
Value $237

Module 2: Intuitive Living

Tap into the power of your intuition to let it lead the way so you can finally stop pushing and striving to lose weight! Includes training on each of the 3 pillars of Intuitive Living (Clarity, Support & Action), a beautifully designed workbook, checklist and habit tracker to get you into action today!
Value $197

Module 3: Body Love

Heal and release emotions from the past so you can create space for the new you to emerge! Includes a transformational healing video (you can continue to use every time you want to go to a new level), and a beautifully designed healing workbook.
Value $197

Module 4: Embodying The New You

Magnetise your new appearance through powerful visualisation practices that allow you to access your future self and imprint that new version into your current reality. Includes guided meditation, breathwork technique and pdf download.
Value $149

PLUS these bonuses

Bonus 1: Spell

For those who love a little ‘magic’ this spell will infuse the energy of the person on your vision board into other areas of your life so you can manifest with more power and purpose.
Value $59

Bonus 2: Manifesting With Mantras

Mantras are a wonderful way to hold your focus and attention on what you desire. This beautifully designed mantra card and accompanying workbook will guide you to exactly what mantra you most need to focus on to achieve your current health and weight loss goals.
Value $69

Bonus 3: Mirror Work Exercise

Learning to fall in love with yourself (just as you are right now) is a key part of manifesting the weight loss you desire because, from a manifestation point of view, you take your thoughts and energy with you wherever you go. This mirror work exercise gives you the tools to start practicing self love and acceptance so you can begin transforming your energy from the inside-out! 
Value $79

Total Value $987!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've been burned by programs in the past, or just don’t know me well enough yet, I want to give you every opportunity to put Manifesting Weight Loss into action so you can experience how easy it is to start achieving your weight loss goals.

That’s why I’m giving you a full 14 days to go through the program, watch all the videos and begin to experience it for yourself.

Enroll today for only...

Hi, Beautiful! Nice to meet you!

I’m Juliette Kristine Award Winning Manifestation Coach and Intuitive Healer.

After practicing the art of manifestation for over 15 years and working with hundreds of clients and students to achieve their manifestation goals, I know a thing or two about how to get you what you want. 

In fact, I have a track record helping people manifest desires they never thought were possible (including incredible weight loss and physical transformation!).

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on these trainings so you can start experiencing the profound effect manifestation can have in your life!

See you inside! x

More weight loss & physical transformation success stories...

Manifesting their dream body (exactly like their vision board!) 👇🏽

Getting in the best shape of their lives!

Clearing up skin conditions after years of problems!

Getting leaner and more muscular - working out less!

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Will this help me manifest changes to my physical appearances?

The material can be used for improving aspects of your physical appearance, like your hair, skin and nails, and can even extend further to manifest things like increased energy levels, and personal style.

What about aspects of my physical appearance that seem to be “fixed” like my nose or height?

Some manifesting resources will teach you to focus intently on specific aspects of your physical appearance to change the structure. In my personal experience this form of manifesting can take a lot of time and effort (and doesn’t always work). In this course I teach you how to focus your attention on your desired appearance and be OPEN to the universe delivering you ways to make that happen. This is how I personally have manifested physical changes and helped my clients and students do the same.

I’ve tried numerous things to lose weight and nothing has ever worked. How do I know this will work for me?

One thing a lot of people don’t realise when it comes to successfully manifesting weight loss is that you can’t keep focusing on ‘the problem’ and expect your reality to change. Focusing on weight loss, googling weight loss and constantly getting caught up in negative thoughts about your appearance only puts more attention on the problem you are experiencing and magnifies it in your experience. This course helps you to step away from that negative cycle, anchor yourself to the version of you you wish to become and take action from a place of love and alignment guided by your intuition. When you take action in this way you are more likely to see long lasting results.

How long will it take me to start seeing results I desire?

This will depend on your own energy and vibration. If you are serious, ready and open to finally putting an end to constantly pushing and striving to lose weight, you’ll start to feel the effects of the material immediately. I know this because, when you are truly ready for transformation and you take action based on what your intuition is guiding you to do, you will be led to the exact information you need to help you.

One of my biggest struggles is consistency. I tend to start diets or exercise programs then don’t follow through. Will this course help me?

This course has been designed to help propel you into action by making weight loss feel fun and inspiring rather than another chore you “have” to do. The course also comes with beautifully designed workbooks, a checklist and habit tracker to keep you moving so you can make changes with ease!

I don't have hours to spend doing a course, will I still get results?

I pride myself on making my courses as simple and effective as possible. I believe in the power of simplicity. This course has been created in such a way you can consume the content quickly and begin implementing it immediately.

What's the difference between this course and your course The Surrender Approach?

This course offers more detailed information about manifesting weight loss and can be used on its own or in conjunction with The Surrender Approach (if you want to take things even further with your manifesting!).

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